Opp. wants to carry out No-Confidence Motion in peaceful manner: PPP

ISLAMABAD (APP): Chairman, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Friday said that the opposition parties wanted to carry out ‘No-Confidence Motion’ in a peaceful manner to strengthen the democracy.
Addressing a press conference here, he said that No-Confidence Motion was a democratic process which should be carried out as per the rules as several Prime Ministers were removed in the past through undemocratic moves.
“It is responsibility of all the political parties to come forward and play a role to bring the country out of crisis being faced at political and economic fronts,” he added.
“The country is passing through a difficult time and it is responsibility of the political forces to bring it out of the crisis, for which all the constitutional and democratic norms should be followed,” he said.
To a question, he said the prime minister went to Russia on February 23 but the opposition alliance had finalized a plan at the residence of Shehbaz Sharif to launch a long-march in January against the government. He denied that the no-confidence motion was a conspiracy against the government and urged all the stakeholders not to make it controversial.
“We are striving to restore real democracy in the country and efforts will be made to resolve the issues being faced by the citizens,” he said and expressed the hope that no undemocratic step would be taken on Sunday to hamper the no-confidence motion.