Osama’s murder and IGP replacement

Yesterday, Federal government appointed Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman as the new Inspector General of Police Islamabad Capital territory. Qazi Jamil-Ur-Rehman, a BS-20 Officer of Police Service will replace the Aamir Zulfiqar Khan, former IGP Islamabad with immediate effect.

The shuffle at the top level of Islamabad Police has been made by the government to avert the increasing pressure due to unjust killing of Osama Satti, a 22 years young boy killed by Islamabad Police Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Team in a fake encounter a week ago. This incident had left several questions on the standard of Police Training, performance of duty, check and balance and above all accountability with in the Police Department. As the sequence of the events moved ahead during last week, it has been felt by all segments of society, that the reaction from the Police hierarchy starting from Investigation of incident to formulation of case, all principles and norms of Justice and professionalism have been put aside. First it was portrayed has Police action against an alleged terrorist, later after strong reaction by the heir of the Osama Satti, Police admitted its fault but a loose case has been submitted to the Court in which important crime scene evidences were missed deliberately.

Although, this blunder has been made to secure their Police-mate colleagues involved in murder of an innocent young-man. It was the duty of high Command of Islamabad Police to personally look into the case due to involvement of police as a party. It was again a big mistake on the part of ICT Police. Islamabad Police followed the same policy which Punjab Police followed in the tragic incident of Sahiwal, in which CTD killed the whole family in a fake encounter on the similar accusations of not stopping the car when asked by the Police party. This is the overall attitude of our Police system and Society that we people never uphold our religious principles and values of civilised nation. Instead, we put our efforts to protect the so-Called institutional and party respect and integrity. All this culture ends up in the shape of more embarrassment for the institutions, government and the nation as whole. It is a question by the whole nation to the government, Police and other LEAs, that, when these kind of incidents will stop. It can’t stop until government revise the legislation on Police Act and clearly enlist the duties, role and limitations of Police and other LEAs. Police has been given unlimited powers, if not than they their selves start twisting the situation to chase the public and grab money from them.

Usually, LEAs offered the lame excuses while taking any action against the Cops that it will de-morale the force and hamper the efficiency. This is totally illogical and non- ethical because sparing criminals with in force is the same as to destroy an institution by own hands. Police duty is to protect and serve the public not rule and kill them in the way it has been done. After removal of IGP, now government should move ahead for essential legislation to avoid such incidents in the future.