Our women not only capital rather support of the country: Sherry

ISLAMABAD (APP): Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Sherry Rehman in her message on National Women’s Day on Sunday said the courageous women drive Pakistan’s documented and undocumented economy who were not only the capital rather the support of the country. In a series of tweets, the federal minister paid tribute to the women of the country playing a vital role in nation-building and development of the country.
Senator Rehman said, “On the occasion of National Women’s Day, I pay tribute to all the brave, hardworking and brave women of the country.”
She added that 49% of the country’s population consisted of women, adding, “Be it Lady Health Worker or Benazir Income Support Programme, PPP has always initiated public and revolutionary projects.”
Now, through the Sindh government’s People’s Poverty Reduction Programme, women across the province are setting a new example of development, Sherry Rehman mentioned. The minister underlined that our women were laying the foundations of a self-sufficient society. Under the project, she said poor women were being provided interest-free loans for their businesses.
“Women are ensuring economic stability and growth through a revolutionary project. 1.3 lakh women have benefited from this project which has been going on for 4 years, while more than 80 thousand families have come above the poverty line,” Sherry Rahman said.
Along with this, many other projects of the Sindh government for women and social development were also going on, she added. “We don’t just create slogans and narratives of ‘change’ but work on revolutionary projects for the development of society. Social and economic revolution in society does not come from slogans alone, it comes from vision and performance,” Sherry Rehman ended.