Overturned tank trailer prompts road closure for highway in Zabul

ZABUL (Khaama Press): The Kabul-Kandahar highway has been closed to traffic as a result of a tank trailer overturn in the southern Afghan province of Zabul, according to local Taliban authorities.
According to reports from local sources, a tanker trailer went off the road early on Sunday closing the Kabul-Kandahar highway to traffic and passengers.
The drivers who are stranded claim that nothing has been done to reopen the route despite the fact that dozens of trucks and cars are lined up on either side of the tank trailer that has toppled, waiting for the highway to open.
The Public Works Directorate of the Taliban government, however, claimed to have sent a team to reopen the highway to traffic as quickly as possible in Zabul province.
The Taliban Directorate of Public Works has advised that anyone planning to take this route refrain from doing so until things are back to normal.
This comes as the traffic highways, particularly in the northern provinces of Afghanistan have become scenes of fatal traffic accidents with many people succumbing to traffic accident injuries.