Pakistan first transgender model Reemal Ali faces life threat and intimidation

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan first transgender Model Reemal Ali accused a person Jahanzaib Khan from Attock, for sexual abuse and torture in the recent past.

She told her disconsolate  story in a Media interactive session in Islamabad today. Reemal Ali said that she is facing life threat and continue intimidation from Jahanzaib Khan.

She has been facing his intimidation, terrorisation  and coercive   Tactics continuously  for last six years. Jahanzaib was continuously pressing her to establish relationship with him but she didn’t abide by him, therefore he became her enemy and forcefully abused and tortured her.

She confronted too much difficulties in filing a FIR at Police Station and Police yet not arrested him. She met with Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Sharin Mazari to get help from her ministry. Dr. Mazari promised her to provide a government lawyer to represent her in the court but this promise is still unfulfilled. She accused Jahanzaib Khan for shadowing her and destroying her livelihood.

Reemal Ali requested Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Justice of Pakistan and IG Punjab to bring the criminal Jahanzaib Khan to justice.