Pakistan needs to revisit its Kashmir policy to achieve results: Raja Farooq Haider

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: All stakeholders including government, political parties, Armed Forces and Judiciary must sit to culminate new Policy on Kashmir issue according the emerging challenges in the region and at international level. It was said by the Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider, while addressing a press conference here in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Raja Haider expressed satisfaction over the efforts rendered by the government and people of Pakistan for Projection of Kashmir issue at International forum. He said Pakistan had paid heavy price for Kashmir issue in kind of lives and wealth till so far.

He said that we have to sit while keeping differences aside and overview the lapses and weaknesses in our policy. He observed that due to legal implications at International level, the government of AJ&K couldn’t take up the case at International forums, however our policy could be more results oriented if it is be led be a Kashmiri face. The words can’t be a substitute of grief or pain felt by an individual.

He noted that revocation of Special status of IIOJK by the India on 05 August 2019, was particularly aimed at Pakistan and thereafter our response and counteracts were in the same direction as Modi did. He cautioned the Government of Pakistan that India is heading aggressively to devolve Kashmir in to its mainstream and the things will not be the same as now, therefore Pakistan must act and act urgently to stop Indian nefarious designs.