Pakistan’s commitment to peace

Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi visited foreign ships of navies participating in the 8th Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN-23. The Naval Chief interacted with Senior Officers and guest sailors and attended briefings regarding the mission. Pakistan’s Amir-ul-Behr precisely highlighted Pakistan’s contribution toward peace and stability in the region.

Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and a preacher of Peace (Aman) in the region and beyond, while it specifically illustrated its quest for peace through words and actions at all forums throughout history. Pakistan’s peace endeavors spread across all spectrums of international relations ranging from peace Diplomacy to regional and global peace mechanisms, bilateral and multilateral joint Military drills to global campaigns against terrorism, piracy, and transnational organized crimes.

Pakistan faces eternal animosity from a staunch rival since from very existence and confronts an all-time risk of aggression and military incursion from its Eastern frontiers, thus Pakistan’s defense forces including the Pakistan Navy have shored up their operational activities within territorial waters, coastal areas, and land borders to effectively safeguard the nation’s territorial sovereignty, alongside enhancing their professional interaction and collaboration with allied nations and global partners.

The current complex geopolitical and geostrategic dynamics have caused significant security challenges for Pakistan Navy which demands an all-weather kinetic strategy and heightened vigilance to effectively thwart potential hazards. Pakistan Navy has always remained committed to maintaining regional peace and stability along with ensuring the safety and security of the Country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the global energy/trade routes through the country’s territorial waters.

Pakistan Navy’s participation in bilateral and multilateral exercises and regular hosting of a multinational AMAN Maritime exercise is a practical manifestation of Pakistan’s seriousness for regional and global peace. Although, the Pakistani nation always lobbies for the preservation of peace and harmonious coexistence with its neighbours however our defense forces are ever ready to foil any malicious attempt agaisnt the sovereignty of their motherland.