Pakistan’s Nabeel breaks another Indian Guinness World Record

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Nabeel Hasan has once again etched his name in history by breaking another Guinness World Record.

On August 1, he was officially confirmed to have achieved the title of “Most three-digit flash numbers memorized -40 sets” that’s an astounding 120 numbers, Nabeel coach Sania Alam told APP in a statement.

In an impressive display of memory prowess, Nabeel memorized 40 sets of random 3-digit flash numbers, with each set consisting of three numbers.

These digits were rapidly flashed on the screen at the interval of 1 second, and with amazing precision, Nabeel recalled them in an accurate sequence.

Nabeel’s journey of enhancing his memory skills has been nothing short of remarkable. His rigorous training under Coach Sania Alam, at the institute of Futuristic Learning USA, has honed his abilities to an extraordinary level.
This dedication to improvement has led Nabeel to participate in numerous international mind sports competitions, including the World Memory Championships. Notably, in 2019, he earned the esteemed title of Junior UK Memory Champion and earned Bronze Medal in the UK Mind Mapping Championship.

This Guinness World Record was previously held by India at 37 sets. Moreover, in 2022, Nabeel achieved another Guinness World Record, the “Longest Number Sequence Memorized in Four Seconds,” which was previously held by India as well. His lightning-fast memory allowed him to memorize 30 random numbers in a mere 4 seconds, and accurately recall them in sequence, surpassing India’s previous record of 28 numbers set in March 2022.

“Through right and dedicated training, I am living proof that anyone can unleash the power of their memory,” Nabeel said. Nabeel’s success is not only a testament to his personal achievements but also highlights the remarkable expertise of Coach Sania Alam.

It may be mentioned that Sania has coached students who have gone on to become World Memory Champions, World Speed Reading Champions, and World Mind Mapping Champions (junior), along with achieving four other Guinness World Records. (APP)