Pakistan’s prospective on IAEA’s tour

Recently, Foreign Office, Spokesperson rejected the speculations surrounding International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Chief Rafael Mariano Grossi’s Visit to Pakistan. While commenting on the rumors regarding the Director General IAEA’s tour to the country, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch told the media that IAEA Chief has paid a two-day visit to Pakistan, interacted with the top political leadership, toured several institutions, and attended events. According to her, Pakistan and the IAEA have long cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including power generation, agriculture, health, nuclear medicines, high-yield crops, and drought reduction. The Spokesperson categorically rejected the notion that the government was working to strike any deal on Pakistan’s nuclear program and assets that could compromise the nation’s security at this crucial phase of the country’s history.

Pakistan’s 227 million-strong nation and the world’s seventh nuclear state with a highly capable and well-equipped military, fell a victim to chronic economic fragility and financial depletion because of failed policies of its administrators. Presently, the precarious economic situation is the biggest challenge to the South Asian nation, severely undermining Pakistan’s economic growth, public life, and social development goals, along with putting the worst effects on national security and territorial sovereignty. The recent super floods, global energy crisis, and economic mismanagement of the rulers had increased an imminent risk of an economic collapse for the sole nuclear power in the Muslim world.

Currently, anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan powers are in efforts to permanently dismantle Pakistan’s nuclear teeth through monetary blackmail and exploitation of its economic weakness, while the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has unimaginable expertise in dealing with such issues and implementing plans for the western powers. In fact, the IAEA had played the role of a western vanguard in scrapping Iraqi and Lybean Nuclear programs. After working in Iran for years, now it is spearheading an advance toward Pakistan. Although Foreign Office Spokesperson did not confirm rumors regarding the very purpose of Grossi’s visit, however, Pakistani leaders and bureaucracy never took the nation into confidence regarding most sensitive issues of the country.

Pakistani leaders had betrayed the nation multiple times in history and protected their personal interests and politics instead of securing national dominion and unity. Currently, the nation is facing multiple challenges to its survival including economic instability, resurrecting terrorism, foreign conspiracies along with a persistent political upheaval created by its own leaders. Earlier they stripped the public of basic necessities and now chewed over trading their ego with the foreign merchants. The leaders must be aware of the fact, that nation had endured limitless felonies of its leaders in the past but it will never compromise on its security assurances in the face of a cruel enemy any time future.