Palestine issue and Israel’s peace

Palestinians, the years-long inmates of Israeli open prisons in Gaza and the West Bank, are forced to endure unprecedented Israeli atrocities and high-handedness of all forms ranging from restricting provision of their basic utilities to blockage of supplies and essential medicines on baseless accusations, along with arbitrary arrests, killings and unlawful prosecutions of freedom seekers coupled with inhumane airstrikes and artillery shelling on Palestinian population on regular basis is a common phenomenon in the occupied territories.

The recent tension escalated in Palestinian-occupied territories after the controversial visit of an ultranationalist Israeli lawmaker to the Jerusalem Holy sites and Israeli military strikes in the Jenin refugee camp that resulted in multiple causalities, over two dozen injuries, and property damages. In response Palestinian armed groups also started attacks against Israeli forces and fired missiles into Israeli territory, thus a large-scale conflict is likely to erupt in the area if warring groups do not observe restraint.

Currently, over 14 million Palestinians are living a miserable life in both confined regions surrounded by Israeli forces from all sides, and no one enters and exits the territory without permission from the occupied regime. The Israeli Army and Jewish settlers are jointly attacking unarmed innocent Palestinians in broad daylight, even then, the international community and the United Nations are unable to implement any decisive measures agaisnt the belligerent Jewish state except issuing a mere verbal condemnation and appeal for a peaceful resolution of the issue. The UN has adopted multiple resolutions regarding the Palestine dispute in the past and endorsed the two states’ solution to the issue, unfortunately, the UN authorities could not force Israel to implement resolutions of the global forum.

The Jewish state shamelessly bulldozed the UN resolutions, and global laws and remained involved in mass violations of the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people through the expansion of illegal settlements on Palestinian land. In fact, none of the violence occurs if Israel was to end its half-century-old illegal occupation of the Palestinian territory and works toward peaceful co-existence with an independent Palestinian state as required by the law and an UN-backed two-state solution to the dispute. Realistically, no belligerent nation abandons its occupation easily until and unless its own sovereignty and core interests come under threat, or it confronts massive diplomatic and trade isolations globally.

Unfortunately, the global community is not ready to endanger its economic and political interests by supporting the Palestinians’ just struggle for their right to self-determination.

Palestinian people have lost their faith in the United Nations which failed to provide the Palestinians with their basic right to self-determination, while their just struggle is being considered terrorism. The Palestinian leaders accuse the UN and the US of impunity, and double standards for protecting Israel from being held accountable for its unparalleled atrocities, and violations of the UN resolutions. In fact, Israel can not progress and prosper without peace with Palestine, as early as Israeli authorities realize this fact and abandon the dream of the greater Israel, the Palestine issue would be resolved and peace will be restored in the Middle East.