Palestinians’ right to life

An OIC contact group comprising foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and Turkey is on a global voyage to carry out shuttle diplomacy to achieve an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza war as soon as possible.

The penta-states’ top diplomats reached Washington to make a plea for an early ceasefire but remained unsuccessful. The UAE has also tabled a draft resolution at the UN Security Council demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The draft resolution also calls for the protection of Palestinian and Israeli civilian populations and demands the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages, as well as humanitarian access. However, the United States blatantly trashed the UAE’s sponsored resolution and termed it planting the seeds for the next war.

Unfortunately, weeks-long hostility, over 170000 deaths, scores of injuries, ruination of the whole Gaza enclave, and displacement of over 2.3 million Palestinians failed to satisfy the rage and revenge of the Jewish state and its determined Western ally.

So far, the toll of 14 Muslim dead for one Jew killed on the October 7 attack could not please the so-called survivors of the Nazis’ holocaust. Hence, refusing a ceasefire is like issuing a license to continue killing unarmed innocent civilians in the West Bank and Gaza. Historically, the impotence and failure of the United Nations and its executive arm the UN Security Council (UNSC) became more evident, whereas the US’s bias against Arabs was exposed to the world.

Currently, the global community and Muslim nations demand a permanent solution to the Palestine dispute under the globally accepted UN Security Council’s resolutions that call for a two-state solution by creating an independent and fully autonomous Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders.

However, Israel and the United States intend to maintain the status quo along with the elimination of Hamas, which is the only hurdle in the implementation of a nefarious agenda for the greater Israel. In fact, Israel’s unending atrocities against Palestinians led to Hamas’s surgical strikes into Israel, while the ongoing genocide will further fuel radicalization in Arab youths. No peace is possible until and unless Israel and its allies give Palestinians the right to a peaceful life, events such as October 7 will not be stopped in the future.