Panjshir residents say military personnel billeted in civilian areas

Residents of Panjshir have expressed concerns over the settlement of military personnel in residential areas including private houses, educational centers and mosques.
They called on the caretaker government to shift the military departments to different areas.
“They are settled in schools, mosques and seminaries. We call on them to go to the check posts and settle there,” said Mohammad Mudeer Mudabir, a resident of Shatal district of Panjshir.
“We have this request: that the military commands should go to the checkpoints and outposts and let the people do their business in calmness,” said Imamuddin, a resident of Parian district in Panjshir.
A local official said that distinguished places have been allocated for military personnel and that many of them have been shifted to these outposts.
However, an official said that there are still some military personnel who are settled in residential areas.
“There are some particular areas and due to cold weather, they were settled in the mosques. Their centers have been built now and we will relocate them,” said Rohullah Shahamat, deputy governor of Panjshir. According to the military veterans, the presence of military units in private areas and educational centers has caused panic among the people and the government should provide proper facilities for the military. “The Defense Ministry and other security units should leave the residential areas, schools, mosques and seminaries as soon as possible,” said Sadiq Shinwari, a military veteran. The residents of Panjshir also said that many school compounds in Panjshir are being used as military bases and that the students have been deprived of their schools for nearly two years.