Participating in politics is youths’ right: Bilawal

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Wednesday that the present government, instead of giving jobs to the people, had made them jobless instead.
Addressing the students’ convention organised under the auspices of Peoples Students Federation in Karachi, he said when his mother Benazir Bhutto had become the country’s prime minister for the first time, she restored the students unions, which had been banned by military dictator General Ziaul Haq. “Participating in politics is the youths’ right,” he said, adding that now they will take their decisions on their own. PPP chairman noted it with concern that cases of harassment at universities in the country were on the rise. Bilawal said that educational institutions were increasing their fees at a brisk pace. “PPP has made efforts to make education free for all,” he claimed, and added that the party would provide educational facilities to the people at their doorstep next time it came to power. The PPP Chairman has also announced to hold march on February 27 and said that the time has come for young leadership to come forward.
Bilawal said that we have incompetent rulers. The country faces the economy crisis due to elected government. Poverty and unemployment have reached extreme levels due to incompetence, foreign policy compromises have been made under the present government, incompetent. The new generation is ready to compete with the government. Inflation has risen in the country due to selection. In our march, there will be a demand for revival of student unions. He added that PPP is a party where public and politicians work together. This is the ideology of our party. We and those who commit character assassination against PPP will run our own campaign. We want to tell them that Bhutto is alive within us. He said that young people walk around with degrees, they do not get jobs, PPP always came to power and provided employment. Despite the lack of resources, we have created world class health institutions. If Allah gives us the opportunity, we will provide free education facilities like health.
We will create a new curriculum together with the youth, we will play a long innings together with the youth. NNI