Peace talks and more excuses…!?

F.P. Report

KABUL: It is unprecedented and perhaps the first time in the history of Islamic Emirate that it has shown flexibility and given preference to softness over harshness in its policy because it sees the end of the long suffering and tragedy of the Afghan nation intertwined in this stance. If this hope is dashed then the Mujahideen will only be left with the stance which they had previously adopted.

Just as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan always gave preference to negotiations with the occupying side, it is fortunate that America – either willingly or unwilling – has also reached the conclusion to pursuing the path of understanding over war. But unfortunately, their actions seem in conflict with their declarations and showcases their lack of interest in the negotiation process, a good example being the tweet by Trump.

In parallel with the resumption of negotiations, the American side came up with a new demand to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – namely the reduction of violence across Afghanistan.

This demand was also accepted by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and now the ball is in their court; do they really want a solution to the problem at hand or are they pursuing other agendas under the cover of prolonging the issue of peace?

Signs are indicating that the American side wants to waste even more time on the definition of the term “reduction of the violence” while understanding full well that this is the demand of the small number of people in the shaky administration of Kabul who are using it as a means for derailing peace.

The Islamic Emirate has shown that it has sincerely pursued both peace and war with the aim of ending the occupation of Afghanistan and establishing a peaceful life for Afghans. So long as the sovereignty of Afghanistan is under threat, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will never deal on single point nor will it bend under the pressure of anyone by ignoring the sacrifices offered in the way of Jihad and complete freedom.

It is absolutely imperative that the American side also understands the profoundness of the Afghan issue and demands of the Afghan people and in light of this reality, refrain from miniscule and additional demands by focusing on the foundational solution to the matter so that this precious opportunity and time is not wasted which can end in betterment for both America and Afghanistan.