People’s bus service starts in Karachi

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The people bus service was started in Karachi with the collaboration of Sindh government and private bus company, Daewoo on Wednesday.

Initially, 10 buses would work in between and it will travel from Quaidabad and tower till 11pm.

The citizens of Karachi shows pleasure over the initiative and told that it is a very good step taken by the Sindh in the better interest of the masses and adding that the provincial government for setting a decent fare, Rs20 to Rs40.

However he complained that 10 buses are few for the population of 16 million in the city dependent on the public transport for the daily commute.

Last year, the Sindh government had taken notice of the dilapidated condition of public transport in the city, approving a plan to introduce 600 intercity buses in Karachi.