Performance of TMOs across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is zero: CJ PHC remarked

Humayun Khan

PESHAWAR: Secretaries of Planning& Development Amir Sultan Tareen, Irrigation Tahir Orakzai, Additional Director General Mining Mustafa Kamal and Commissioner Malakand Zaheer-ul-Islam appeared before two-member bench of Peshawar High Court comprising of Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid and Justice Attique Shah in case regarding rehabilitation of rivers across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on Wednesday.

During hearing Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid remarked that if court takes notice then you took action and added that PHC showed yours’ duties.

Chief Justice PHC Justice Qaiser Rashid inquired that what are doing provincial government in this regard

Chief Justice PHC Justice Qaiser Rashid annoyed secretaries P&D and finance attitude because they did not reached the court while hearing was started.
Commissioner Malakand Zaheer-ul-Islam who is nominated as focal person in rehabilitation of rivers by PHC informed that execution has been stopped across the division.

Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid directed secretary irrigation Tahir Orakzai to coordinate with Commissioner Malakand in rehabilitation of rivers.

Commissioner Malakand informed that all commercial and illegal activities had been closed in Panjgora river and added that 99 outlawed building had demolished and notices have been issued to owners of remaining construction on river sites.

Chief Justice PHC Justice Qaiser Rashid directed Advocate General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to stop excavation in the rivers and added that it is time to take actions against illegal construction because we losing our national assets.
Subsequently Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid remarked that mining policy needs to be scraped and directed to revisit the policy in larger public interest.

Secretary Finance Hamid Karim informed that a project for protection of environment to be included in 2021-22 Annual Developmental Project (ADP).
However, Chief Justice remarked that we are not listening good news and land grabber had captured property in Saif-ul-Maluk Lake.

Chief Justice inquired that where is National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and added that it did not take actions in such cases but running behind ‘Patwaris’.

Chief Justice PHC Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan remarked that unfortunately it is pathetic situation and directed competent authorities to go across provinces and take action against such activities.

Chief Justice remarked that provinces are fighting for water and our rivers have been spoiled due to mining policy. Chief Justice added that Harnoi river become garbage due negligence and pollution.

Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid remarked that performance of Tehsil Municipal Officers (TMOs) is zero across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Director General Galyiat Development Authority (GDA) informed that they had not found any illegal construction in their jurisdiction, while Chief Justice directed Director General if found such activity in the area then demolish the construction which shall give message of dealing with iron hands.

Moreover, chief justice remarked that I had personally witnessed such pathetic situation at mining sites at various rivers. Chief Justice directed Commissioner Malakand to discontinue activities which is against law on Panjgora river.

Chief Justice remarked that illegal construction on River Konhar had made situation Pathetic and worsen and added that Saif-ul-Maluk and Lalu Sar lakes have been converted to commercial expertise and directed competent authorities to stop every activity except allowed under the law.

Chief Justice remarked that environment is not priority of provincial government and directed chief secretary to make comprehensive solution in this regard.

PHC has directed ADG Mining and Mineral Mustafa Kamal to cancel all contracts by the department on favoritism and blue eyes.

PHC also directed secretary P&D Amir Sultan Tareen to cooperate with competent authorities on rehabilitation of Swat and Konhar rivers and added that we are losing our river so include it in Annual Development Program.

The two-member bench of Chief Justice PHC Justice Qaiser Rashid and Justice Attique Shah directed Commissioners of Malakand and Hazara to submit report in this regard within two weeks and adjourned further hearing till 24 June.