Peshawar: Police crack Sikh youth murder mystery, arrest culprits

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Police cracked the murder mystery of a Pakistani Sikh youth and arrested his fiancée and her accomplices, citing police sources.

Parwinder Singh, who was killed a few days ago, was gunned down at the behest of his fiancée, police said.

According to police, his fiancée Prem Kumari, was unhappy over her engagement with Parwinder Singh and wanted to get rid of the relation with him.

She had allegedly hired contract killers for his murder, police said.

The accused called Parwinder Singh to Mardan in pretext of a rendezvous, where they killed him, accused Prem Kumari informed the police in preliminary investigation.

The suspects brought his body back to Peshawar to wipe out any links to the killing, police sources said.

The police has said that the murder weapon, contract money and the car used in the crime have been recovered along with arrest of the fiancée of the murder victim and contract killers have been arrested.