PHC orders to sustain academia apolitical

Humayun Khan
PESHAWAR: Chief Justice Peshawar High Court (PHC) Justice Qaiser Rashid annoyed political gatherings in educational institutions and observed that if political hold activities in a institute then other should also compelling to arrange rally while ordered to sustains academia apolitical, on Tuesday.
Barrister Kamran Qaiser and Additional Advocate General (AAG) Sofia Noreen appeared before divisional bench comprising of Chief Justice PHC Justice Qaiser Rashid and Justice SM Attique Shah in petition writ filed by Iftikhar Ahmad against traffic of huge vehicles in residential area of Hayatabad.
Barrister Kamran Qaiser informed that huge vehicles of industrial estate going through residential area’s streets while residents have fear about road mishaps especially for children. In the meantime, Chief Justice remarked that is its police’s incompetence and inquired from Advocate General Shumail Ahmad Butt regarding protests in in front PHC and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly which is creating problem in traffic convenience.
He further observed that government could allocate separate space for protestors but it should not be near to educational institutions while Advocate General informed that he would discuss it with provincial government and Inspector General of Police to informed them regarding court’s observations.
Chief Justice directed Advocate General to convey the PHC’s observations on political gatherings and rallies in educational institutes while remarked that if one party holds gathering then tomorrow another came to rally which is devastation for youth’s future. Although, AG assured that court’s direction should be implemented in true sense and added that earlier orders had also implemented with good effort by competent authorities. He further ensured that these orders shall be implement with immediately.