Pistachio orchards should be designated national park

BADGHIS (TOLOnews): Some Badghis residents want the pistachio orchards of the province to be turned into a national park.
They said that by turning the areas of pistachio trees into national parks in this province, the number of domestic and foreign tourists will increase, and work will be provided for more people in the province.
“It will be good if the pistachio forests are turned into a national park,” said Mohammad Hatam, a Badghis resident.
“We call on the government to make a plan and turn pistachio forests into a national park,” said Walid, a Badghis resident.
According to Badghis residents, the area of the pistachio orchards, with its vast forests and unique natural scenery, has attracted the attention of many citizens of the country, and on the eve of the new year, a large number of residents from different provinces travel to the area.
“We hope the Islamic Emirate changes this place to a national park for national and international visitors,” said Syed Atiqullah, a lecturer.
“With its capacity, beauty, and nature, it must be turned into a national park in Afghanistan in order to attract domestic and foreign tourists,” said Fahim Entizar, a lecturer.
Meanwhile, local officials said that efforts are being made to turn pistachio orchards into national parks.
“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said that efforts are ongoing to provide work for the people,” said Matiullah Mutaqqi, head of information and culture in Badghis.
Recently the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Badghis, with the cooperation of a number of supporting institutions, revived many areas of pistachio orchards, and it is expected that this process will continue in the future.