PM aims to transform Pak-Turk relations into economic partnership

F.P. Report
ISLAMABAD: On Wedn-esday Prime Minister Imran Khan met the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavosoglu and Khan reaffirmed the exceptional bond of Pakistan-Turkish political relationship.

During the meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan also emphasized on the importance of transforming bilateral ties turning it into a robust economic partnership.
On the other hand in this meeting the dignitaries held comprehensive discussion on bilateral ties.

According to the press release issued by PM office, during the meeting they discussed Pakistan-Turkish bilateral relations, and regional and international issues. Both the sides

reaffirmed their shared resolve to further upgrade trade, investment, defence, educational and cultural cooperation.
During the talks Prime Minister expressed gratitude towards Turkey for its unwavering support on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, and highlighted the detrimental Indian actions posing a threat to peace and security.

Referring to the regional geopolitics, Imran Khan underscored the importance Pakistan attached to a peaceful solution of the conflict in Afghanistan.
He highlighted Pakistan’s positive contribution to the Afghan peace process and the imperative for all Afghan stakeholders to work for bringing down violence leading to ceasefire and securing an inclusive and broad-based political settlement.

In addition to this during the meeting Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of working to combat Islamophobia.
He also urged to promote better understanding of the reverence Muslims have for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Both sides agreed to maintain high-level exchanges and further build Pakistan-Turkish strategic relationship to the mutual benefit of the two countries and peoples.