PM visit to China to expedite work on CPEC projects: Kashif

ISLAMABAD (APP): Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s recent important visit to China is poised to expedite construction of deep-sea port Gwadar and other massive infrastructure projects on fast track under the CPEC which will ultimately help strengthen Pakistan’s bleak economy.
Speaking at a seminar on “Pak-China Relations” held here Sunday under the aegis of Gold Ring Economic Forum, a think tank on economy, Coordinator to Federal Tax Ombudsman Meher Kashif Younis said during PM Shehbaz Sharif visit, China and Pakistan have agreed to press ahead with a slew of massive infrastructure projects under the CPEC including speeding up of the construction of the deep-sea port of Gwadar. He said China is third largest export destination for Pakistani exports.
He said President Xi Jinping reaffirmed China’s firm commitment to advance the building of CPEC and China will seek to further deepen the synergy between its development strategies and those of Pakistan and support Pakistan in its efforts to stabilise its financial condition.
He said both China and Pakistan also made it clear that the CPEC is an open and inclusive platform where interested third parties can benefit from investment opportunities in priority areas such as industry, agriculture, IT, science and technology and oil and gas.
He said by consolidating practical bilateral cooperation and strengthening collaboration on multilateral platforms, China and Pakistan will be better able to withstand the current headwinds. He said no country had ever helped Pakistan or other developing countries with such wholeheartedly sincerity as China.
He said most recently China has provided emergency assistance to Pakistan after severe floods in the country and will continue to provide full support for Pakistan’s plan for rehabilitation of affected areas.
He said China has always had a special niche in its neighbourhood diplomacy for its relations with Pakistan.Over the yesrs,the two neighbors have forged a resilient time-tested friendship by standing together through thick and thin and mutually supporting each other.
Meher Kashif Younis said Shehbaz Shairf visit shows that China and Pakistan widely perceived as “Iron bothers” will continue to step up their efforts to strengthen and deepen their all-weather strategic cooperation partnership.
He said Pakistan has also stood firmly beside China in the face of the West’s provocation on the Taiwan question as well as the issues concerning the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet. While China on its part has always backed Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and security and promoted its socioeconomic development and prosperity, he concluded.