Police disperse rally from marching towards US Consulate in Karachi

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Police on Sunday resorted to baton charge and fired tear gas to stop a rally which was marching towards the US Consulate in Karachi

The rally was organised by the Imamia Student Organisation (ISO), and was intended to march from Numaish to the US Consulate located on MT Khan Road. However, the rally was forcefully dispersed near the Shah-e-Khurasan Imambargah by the police to prevent them from marching towards the US consulate.

The “Death to America” rally, comprised of nearly 500 protesters, was taken out to protest against the recent statement by US President Donald Trump who accused Pakistan of providing safe havens to terror groups.

Additional IG Police said that only three to four members of the rally will be escorted to the consulate to submit their resolution. The police negotiated with the rally organisers who were determined to organise the rally outside the consulate.

A large police contingent has been deployed and all roads leading to the US consulate have been closed. The participants have dispersed but have been divided into different parts and could regroup.

Several members of rally have also been arrested. A water cannon brought by the police was also seized by the participants who raised anti-US slogans.

Nasir Hussain Shah, information minister of Sindh has said that the participants should not have been baton-charged but consulate’s security and protection is government’s responsibility.

He claimed that one of the delegations was asked to take rally s memorandum to the US embassy. The rally titled ‘Death to America’ was carried out in Lahore as well, on the Canal Bank Road that turned the traffic sluggish.