Political maneuvers and moral reduction

Minister for Defence, Khawaja Muhammad Asif has condemned the malicious campaign against institutions on social media platforms and said that the Armed Forces were the protectors of the country. According to him, some people had launched a campaign on social media against institutions on the Lasbela helicopter crash which is highly condemnable. Asif was of the view that the People who blame the institutions and insult the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for the country are actually working on the enemy’s agenda.

Khawaja Asif accused PTI Chairman Imran Khan of having ended the politics of tolerance and dragging martyrs into political issues, which is not a good thing for the country. According to him, the norms of today’s politics have gone below the belt and the language being used on social media is against our morals and ruining the new generation.

Unfortunately, a new kind of politics and political trends had been introduced in the country’s polity in recent months that aim at creating hatred, naming, blaming, and defaming others, the politicization of the national institutions, and use of sensitive issues to gain popularity in the masses. Ironically, the recent incident of the helicopter crash which resulted in the martyrdom of six senior military officers including Corp Commander Quetta had been negatively propagated by the social media team of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf. However, no single leader of the party has disowned or discredited the nefarious social media trolls against the national institutions.

In fact, state institutions are guardians of the country and subservient to the nations, while they can’t afford affiliation with any political party whether ruling or the opposition, and neither any party should demand favor from them. The PTI has introduced rigid behavior, and intolerance in politics and radicalized the youth by promoting self-centered hyper-nationalism, which badly depleted the social morals and poisoned national politics.

Apparently, the so-called leaders had proved their guilt and taken a U-turn multiple times but were never ashamed of their political madness and moral reduction in the past. Hence, influential are advised to be measured in their policies otherwise public is aware of their tact and knows the way to prosecute such leaders.