Pompeo has high hopes over Gulf-Arab reconciliation

F.P Report

WASHINGTON: Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State on Wednesday has welcomed the Gulf Arab unity and has marked it as a positive development for the region.

Secretary of State, Michael R. Pompeo has stated that U.S is encouraged by the breakthrough made with the Al-Ula Declaration today at the GCC summit, which marks a positive step toward restoring Gulf and Arab unity, the press release cited. In addition to this, he commented that “we have long stressed that a truly united Gulf will bring added prosperity through the free flow of goods and services and more security to its people”.

According to the official press release of U.S State Department, Secretary of State Pompeo welcome the pledge today to restore cooperation in military, economic, health, counter-corruption, and cultural initiatives.

He expressed hope saying that the Gulf countries will continue to reconcile their differences. Restoring full diplomatic relations is imperative for all parties in the region to unite against common threats. We are stronger when we stand together, Pompeo said.

While concluding Secretary of State mentioned that the United States thanks Kuwait for its mediation efforts and support in resolving the Gulf dispute.