Pompeo’s anti-China bluff

During an interview on Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there was “enormous evidence” the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. “Remember, China has a history of infecting the world, and they have a history of running substandard laboratories,” Pompeo explained. Once again, the US diplomat and former CIA director has stunned the world with groundless accusations.

Since Pompeo said his claims are supported by “enormous evidence,” then he should present this so-called evidence to the world, and especially to the American public who he continually tries to fool. The truth is that Pompeo does not have any evidence, and during Sunday’s interview, he was bluffing. The Trump administration continues to engage in unprecedented propaganda warfare while trying to impede global efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The most urgent tasks for international communities are to prevent the virus from spreading and to save lives while restarting the world economy. Ironically, Washington has put forth the weakest efforts in accomplishing the aforementioned tasks. As the US presidential election campaigns are underway, the Trump administration has implemented a strategy designed to divert attention from the incompetence it has displayed in fighting the pandemic. It is clear that their goal is to blame China for the pandemic by pinpointing the country as the source of COVID-19.

The origin of the virus is of serious scientific concern. So far, not one world-renowned scientist has accused the Wuhan Institute of Virology of leaking the virus. US intelligence agencies, acting on orders from US President Donald Trump, have been involved with the investigation. Pompeo has recently declared that he has “enormous evidence” about a so-called “lab leak.” As a result, what was originally a scientific question, has been transformed into a vicious attack fueled by politics, intelligence, and diplomacy. Such filthy behavior defies the essence of science to mislead the general public. If Washington has solid evidence, then it should let research institutes and scientists examine and verify it. Another option would be to have intelligence agencies release a detailed report on the origin of the virus, which would help the White House keep its fabrications moving forward. Washington has chosen not to pursue either of those options and instead is utilizing a politician like Pompeo to bluff US society with so-called “enormous evidence.”

Spreading such rumors is a byproduct of the US and other Western countries that promote an ideological bias against China, so their leaders can manipulate public opinion. The US is using its political influence to achieve this goal. What the world is witnessing here is a common scenario where some US politicians are the frontrunners amid this political spat, rather than allowing US scientists to comment. Pompeo’s recent actions were a direct assault on the Communist Party of China and China’s political system.  He has also helped fuel anti-China hostility throughout the Western world by covering up his lies.  Pompeo believes that he would never be held accountable even if it was discovered that he was not telling the truth.

By sacrificing his credibility as a politician, Pompeo is doing whatever he can to secure a victory for Trump and the Republicans in November. Indeed, it has become a reckless pursuit. In the US, COVID-19 fatalities surpassed 67,000 on Sunday. The US recently modified its previous estimate on COVID-19 fatalities 60,000 to 100,000. Trying to activate the economy under such difficult conditions is risky as a second outbreak could strike the US in winter.  With the November election approaching, and amid increasing threats from the virus, it would be a herculean task for the Trump administration to win a second term without borrowing the anti-China mojo from voters. Previously, the US government had focused on accusing China of covering up the pandemic. The accusation has since lost any credibility as recently undisclosed documents revealed the US ignored warnings from other countries and organizations during the onset of the outbreak. The revelations have inspired the US government to launch an assault aimed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, claiming that the facility leaked the virus, so it can evade being charged with pandemic malfeasance. Pompeo has asked China to grant the US access to the Wuhan laboratory. The move is meant to create further disputes, which would take more time to resolve and heighten US public dissatisfaction against China.

As US Secretary of State, Pompeo is using a pass-the-buck strategy to misdirect public attention and create public opinions that serve White House and Congressional interests. For Pompeo, and others like him, facts and morals have no value.  The ultimate goal now is to win the election. If US public anger and dissatisfaction emerged due to Washington’s incompetence over how it handled the pandemic, then the Trump administration would lose in November.  Such an outcome would put an end to the games. Pompeo is indulging in a solo performance that has failed to adhere to the professional standards expected of a chief diplomat. His claims are not supported by scientists or reliable intelligence. It is foreseeable that this politician, who has lost his moral compass, will continue to surprise the world with his absurd theories and twisted facts.

Source: Global Times