Poor condition of Salang Highway poses danger to drivers

KABUL (TOLONews): Salang Road is one of the most significant highways in the country; it is a daily travel route for thousands of people.
This road’s deterioration has made it difficult for drivers of both small vehicles and trucks.
Some truckers say that technical issues on the road have caused serious problems for their vehicles. They blamed the poor quality of work done on the highway’s construction.
“There are several problems, including parked cars and damaged roadways,” said Sur Gul, a driver.
This highway not only links the south and north of the country, but is also an artery linking Central Asia to South Asia.
“The passengers are suffering a lot, therefore, we ask that this route be repaired for the people as quickly as possible,” said Shir Agha, a passenger.
“This road has been this bad for five to six years. 1,000 boys and girls use this route to go to school, and children breathe dust,” said Juma Khan, a local resident of Salang.
Meanwhile, Salang district officials blamed the destruction of the road on the inaction of the previous government.
“The trucks that cross with a lot of weight are the major issue we now face on the Salang Road,” said Mohammad Omar Omari, Salang district governor.
However, according to the Ministry of Public Works officials, work on the Salang Highway and in several provinces will soon start.
“The 33 km long Olang-Doshak region, which is estimated to need about $55 million to be fixed, is the part with the most vulnerability,” said Qazi Obaid, the director of the Salang Conservation.