Potable water supplied to thousands of rural families in Paktika

SHARAN (Agencies): Along with the construction of small water supply networks, thousands of rural families in Paktika have access to safe drinkable water, said, local officials
The networks were built by digging deep wells and installing bombs on them around the city of Sharan, the center of Paktika.
The HF organization has spent 6 million Afghanis for the implementation of the projects.
The provincial manager of the organization, Engineer Mohammad Anwar Noori, in Paktika, said that they made drinking water available to thousands of families around the city of Sharan by digging 25 wells.
He said that they are planning to build dozens of such small water supply networks to provide drinkable water to the villagers of other sites of Paktika.
Nawab Khan, the program manager of Paktika Rural Development and Rehabilitation Department, says that they are striving to provide dozens of development projects, including the supply of drinkable and agricultural water to the villagers and farmers, by attracting the help of donor organizations.