PPP to win upcoming election, says MPA Muhammad Ali

Wilayat Khan Bacha

SAKHAKOT: Parliamentary leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Bacha has claimed that his party will clean sweep in the upcoming general election as the people recognized the real face of the incumbent PTI-led provincial government.

MPA Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Bacha said this while addressing to political gathering on Tuesday at Sakhakot. He said that the incumbent government completely failed in providing assistance to masses and initiating any mega project in the province.

PTI promised to bring change in the province but they forgot the slogan and instead bringing change they destroyed the departments by introducing fake reforms in the province, he added.

He claimed that PPP will create more jobs for the youth in the better interest of the province and country when it came into power and adding that people are looking towards PPP for development of the country and in the coming election his party will clean sweep to form governments in the provinces as well in the center.