President Ghani orders security organs to save $1 billion

KABUL (Agencies): President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a video conference has directed deputy ministers of defense, interior and finance that effective savings in security sector should be implemented within two years rather than three years.

In the video conference held, deputy ministers of the respective ministries reported the country’s President about saving of $300 million in defense and security sector through reforms and prevention of unnecessary and ineffective expenditures in the past one year.

Assuring of the continued assistance of the international community to ANDSF, President Ghani instructed deputy ministers of the respective ministries to save $1billion in the security and defense sector within coming one year while maintaining quality services to the security forces be observed.

The country’s President stressed that saving and prevention from unnecessary expenditures in all levels of the government was a principal step towards reaching a self-sufficient Afghanistan, directing deputy ministers to prepare their plans in light of which the two-years saving program were implemented.

President Ghani also instructed Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Services Commission to prepare and implement a saving plan in Afghanistan civil services system.

In his addressing to the nation the other day, the country’s President said that due to reduction in international aid to Afghanistan, particular programs would be taken in hand to fill the gap of the assistance, adding that reduction of the assistance would not have negative impacts on key government sectors.