Professor hurt as armed robbery increases in Kabul

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: Mohammad Rafi, a Kabul university professor, was critically wounded when armed robbers tried to steal his belongings in Kabul city. This comes amid reports that over a 100 criminal cases were recorded in the city just in one month’s time.

The professor was hit with a bullet just over his heart, but survived, his relatives told TOLOnews. They accused the Afghan security forces of failing to curb criminal cases in the city.

“It happened to me around 9:100 am in the morning–people and security forces were on the roads, the people and the security forces can recognize the robbers,” said Rafi.

“The robbers are more in control of security rather than police and security forces, there are armed groups who disrupt the security,” said RahimullahMujahid, head of the Kabul provincial council.

According to security officials, 30 to 50 people are being arrested in Kabul on daily basis in Kabul for involvement in criminal cases.

According to Kabul police headquarters, over the past one month 100 criminal cases were registered in the city and 200 suspects were arrested for involvement in these cases.

“120 cases were reported, 83 of them have been confirmed and 39 other under investigation,” said Sayed Mohammad Roshandel, Kabul police chief.(TOLOnews)