‘Proper waste management system demanded’

ISLAMABAD (APP): The residents of the capital city on Monday demanded of the concerned authorities for the proper waste management system as unattended sites of dumped waste is causing nuisance for the general public.

At the moment, the capital generates around 600 metric tonnes of solid waste on daily basis which is dumped either at the temporary landfill or at open and unattended sites in the rural areas of the capital.

Much of this waste ends up in the streams and rivers and becomes a breeding ground for disease-carrying pathogens. It was also termed as the main reason for the outbreak of dengue cases in the rural areas of the capital. Talking to APP, resident of sector I-10 Muhammad Raees Khan said the civic body is dumping waste near IJP road which is causing sever problem for the residents living near this area. He said due to this open dumped waste many diseases being out-breaking in the area.

When contacted CDA official he said that all is set to introduce modern solid waste management system in the Federal Capital, civic body has made comprehensive plan in this regard adding he said that after decades of negligence, rural areas of the city would also be swept in line with modern standards, he added.

He said work on the long awaited project of landfill would be started soon as planning of the project is at advance stages. It is pertinent to mention here that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) in the past had assured the public for proper solid waste management system to be introduced soon in the city.