PTI govt competent enough: Ali Muhammad Khan

Rifaqat Ullah Razarwal

CHARSADDA: Minister of State for Parliamentary Affair Ali Mohammad Khan on Friday said that the Federal Government is competent to take away all types of crunches here at Deputy Commissioner Office. Talking to media after listening the registered complainants on Pakistan Citizens Portal; where he along with Deputy Commissioner Adil Shah, DPO Irfan Ullah and other notables, respond in a question that parliament is a supreme council of the country and every Member of Parliament should respect the parliament.

He strongly criticized the PML-N Chairman Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and PPP Chairman Asif Ali Zardari government, added that Mega corruption scandals are appeared in their government and the Chairman NAB was also appointed by them. Ali Charged the previous government that many economic problems leave by Nawaz Government but PTI will overcome in its five year term. He said that Imran Khan is a popular leader and people elect him to act against corrupt element and will never compromise on corruption and every case will reach to its logical end.

“Imran Khan is gift of God for Pakistanis, he provided access to Prime Minister through Pakistan Citizens Portal to register their complaints, I came to compensate their problems”, he applauded. “We are democratic people. We always want democracy and democratic process to get strengthened and no action will be accepted above the constitution of Pakistan”, he said in a reply to question about the Faisal Vawda not to be appeared before Public Account Committee.