PTI secures triple century in National, Provincial Assemblies

LAHORE (INP): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has emerged as the sole party to clinch 300 or more seats across the national and provincial assemblies. The latest results reveal that PTI-backed independent candidates have secured 95 seats in the National Assembly, 116 in the Punjab Assembly, 83 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 11 in Sindh.

With a total of 305 seats, PTI has established a commanding presence in both the national and provincial legislative bodies, surpassing all other political contenders. Notably, the Election Commission has announced unofficial official results for 257 seats of the National Assembly.

Independent candidates backed by PTI have emerged as the largest group in the National Assembly, securing 95 seats, outnumbering other independent members by a significant margin.

The runner-up in the current electoral standings is the Muslim League-N, which has garnered 76 seats thus far, followed by the People’s Party with 54 seats, and MQM Pakistan with 17 seats. Additionally, Muslim League-Q and JUI-F have secured 3 seats each, while IPP has clinched 2 seats.

Responding to the released results, PTI spokesperson Rauf Hasan has raised allegations of seat misappropriation, asserting that approximately 60 seats have been unjustly taken away from their party. Promising to reclaim these seats through legal recourse, Hasan emphasized their commitment to presenting compelling evidence before tribunals and potentially the courts if necessary. He highlighted the absence of Form 47 in certain constituencies as a procedural hurdle, vowing to pursue all available legal avenues to secure their
rightful share.

Furthermore, Hasan affirmed PTI’s determination to uphold their party’s legitimacy and safeguard against any attempts at electoral manipulation. He underscored the meticulous selection process for independent candidates, contrasting it with the alleged unethical practices of rival parties.

With legal challenges looming, PTI remains resolute in their pursuit of electoral justice and preserving the integrity of democratic processes.