PTI’s political discourse

Government is ready to engage the opposition leaders who are currently part of the parliament not those Absconders who flee out the Country to evade justice. It was shared by the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting in a news conference on Tuesday. Fawad was of the view that the government wants to engage the opposition in a meaningful dialogue on the issue of Electoral reforms including use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), internet voting and governance issues. The Information Minister noted that if the opposition does not agree with the government proposals on electoral reforms then it can bring its own suggestions.
Fawad said, government has suggested about 49 amendments to opposition parties in the governance sector and expected positive contributions from them. Fawad hinted that the Government has contacts with opposition parties on electoral reforms and advocated for a free and fair electoral process, which better serves the interest of all political parties and future of democracy in the country.
The PTI Chief Spokesman and Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain claimed that the government is in contact with the Opposition on various political issues including electoral reforms and governance and it wants to engage the opposition in meaningful dialogues. While saying that Fawad did not forget to attach his party’s legacy with this reconciliation offer that only those leaders would be engaged who are part of the parliament. This stance meant to create further disarray with the opposition. If you need support from your rival for your interest, you can’t get it in this way. If the government is serious in forging political consensus on important issues like electoral reforms it must abandon these trends in national politics, PTI is now in the government and political consensus always remains a need of the ruling party instead of the opposition. According to opposition parties, the PTI government lacks seriousness in achieving cooperation from the opposition. Government must review its strategy and try to create a working relationship with the opposition to move forward the democratic process through necessary legislation including electoral reforms, internet voting and other in the larger interest of the country.