PTI’s tehsil nazim obtains bail, 58 activists released

Humayun Khan
PESHAWAR: Chief Justice Peshawar High Court (PHC) Justice Musart Hilali stopped police from arresting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) worker as elected tehsil Nazim Takhti Nasrati Sajjad Ahmad and adjourned further hearing till 20th June, on Tuesday.
The petition stated that cases are registered for political victimization while imposed baseless allegation regarding his involvement vandalism. Tehsil Nazim claimed that PTI workers had arranged peaceful protest in Karak district and added that nothing was vandalized as minor as a brick didn’t turned around while talking to media personnel after appearance before PHC.
Nazim Takhti Nasrati blamed that he has nominated in cases of vandalism for political victimization because is an elected representative of PTI.
Moreover, Additional Session Judge Atta Ullah Khan has ordered release of 56 PTI activists on bail for alleged their involvement in 9th& 10th May vandalism following arrest of Imran Khan by National Accountability Bureau (NAB)on corruption charges.
According to prosecution, Anwar Zeb and Irfan along with 56 others had committed vandalism in Communication and Works Department Office while also damaged ATM machines of several banks on Charsadda road.
Police has arrested the alleged culprits during several raids while PTI activists approached session court for bail, however, last ASJ granted bail to 58 political workers allegedly involved in vandalism. However, Special Anti-terrorism court sent four PTI activists including village council chairman and culprit involved in vandalism at Radio Pakistan Peshawar Shahzad to jail on 14 days judicial remand.
Following completion of physical remand Investigation Officer informed court hat Shahzad has looted microphone, ancient tape recorder, three mikes and other equipment during vandalism at Radio Pakistan, Peshawar center. He added that accused had arrested from Charsadda district while court ordered to send him to jail on judicial.
Moreover, former neighborhood council Nazim Zahid Shinwari along with a friend named Atta Ullah has also sent behind the bars on judicial remand for 9th& 10th May vandalism by Anti-terrorism court. Investigation Officer informed that PTI workers had vandalized several public and private buildings in the premises of Hayatabad police station and requested for further physical remand which was turndown.
Special Anti-terrorism court has also sent Shahryar a PTI activist arrested for using abusive rhetoric against state’s institutions to jail on 14 days judicial remand. During hearing court was informed that accused abusive language was got viral on social media platforms while Shahryar has change face structure by shaving mustache which has created hurdles in his identification while requested for further remand. Special Anti-terrorism court turndown plea for further physical remand and sent him behind bars on judicial reman.