Public issues and tact of politicians

A new right-wing conservative leader has emerged on Canada’s political landscape in recent months. Pierre Poilievre, a career politician with a flare for zingers has launched a campaign to boost his party membership and preparing to challenge liberal Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau in the next election. According to reports, he has ramped up his criticism of Trudeau’s government and actively pursuing an idealistic manifesto to attract Canadian voters.

Pierre Poilievre, a Canadian parliamentarian from Federal Conservative Party, is a populist politician who recently attained the party leadership and defeated a moderate centrist colleague by grabbing 68% votes of party workers. Interestingly, the newly elected opposition leader and future candidate for the post of Canadian Prime Minister has gradually slid the mainstream conservative party towards far-right politics and introduced a dreamy manifesto and firebrand rhetoric to attack his opponents. His major topics are employment problems, payments for public employees, provision of shelter and essential services, and restoration of national prestige at the international level by adopting a sovereign foreign policy, promoting an independent economy, and free trade. Poilievre has accused the incumbent government of imposing a vaccine mandate and COVID-19 restriction that allegedly hurt the Canadian economy and social life, he lamented his rivals for the rising cost of living and vowed to sack the Governor of the Canadian Central Bank for his alleged inability to control inflation and high-interest rate.

Interestingly, Politics around the globe has no hard rule while politicians have expertise in coining new codes of conduct for themselves. The statesmen usually change their doctrines according to the situation and needs of their trade. Historically, basic needs and ever-existing issues of the public including Rooti, Kapra, and Makan along with employment, health coverage, and education of the masses are evergreen agendas of politicians across the world. The new contender for the top slot has planned to reuse the already used recipe to reach the high office, however, his political stratagem is largely dependent on the interest of the Canadian public in buying his narrative.