Raja urges gov’t action against human smuggling

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Speaker of the National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf on Monday expressed deep concern over the recent shipwreck incident in Greece and the issue of human smuggling.

In his statement during the session of the National Assembly, the Speaker called for immediate action to hold those responsible for exploiting innocent people accountable for their actions.

The tragic sinking of the ship has left the entire nation devastated and grieving. With heavy hearts, Pakistanis mourn the loss of lives and express their condolences to the affected families. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers faced by individuals seeking a better future. Addressing the National Assembly session, Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf emphasized the urgency of the situation and the need for the government to take swift and stringent action. He stressed that those involved in exploiting vulnerable individuals in the guise of employment should face the full extent of the law.

He urged the government to ensure that appropriate punishment is meted out to the culprits, sending a strong message that such heinous activities will not be tolerated.

The Speaker called upon all members of the National Assembly to play an active role in advocating for their respective constituents. He urged them to discourage and raise awareness among the people about the dangers of engaging in human smuggling, emphasizing the severe harm it inflicts on Pakistani citizens.

The government, according to Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf, bears a significant responsibility to combat this grave issue. He stressed the necessity of implementing strict measures to deter individuals involved in human smuggling. Immediate and decisive action is crucial to prevent future incidents and safeguard the lives of Pakistanis. (APP)