Raveena Tandon says she’s told daughters about her past relationships

NEW DELHI (Web Desk) : Raveena Tandon in a new interview talked being aware of what was written about her in press. She said that her life is like an open book to her kids.

Raveena Tandon in a recent interview, opened up about not hiding anything from her daughters, including everything about her past relationships. Raveena has two adoptive daughters, Chhaya and Pooja.

Later, she had Rasha and Ranbirvardhan with her husband Anil Thadani. Raveena told Lehren Retro that her life is like an ‘open book’ to her children.

The actor said that she was aware of all the gossip that was being written about her. She said, “It’s an open book for them. If not today, tomorrow they will read about it somewhere and they might read something worse, because you know how the ’90s press was. It was yellow journalism at its peak. They had no scruples, no morals, no integrity.”

Raveena further said that the situation has changed now due to the power of social media where celebrities can put out their stories, unlike in the past when celebs were “at the mercy of editors.”

“Whose camp they were in or whom they were buttering up or which hero or heroine was buttering them up, they would only write about them, and their side of the story, without even waiting to find out what the truth was,” Raveena added.

She also said that magazines of the ’90s would write ‘worst articles’ about her and even call her names and shame her. However, this isn’t the first time that Raveena has talked about her struggles with magazines and tabloids.