Residents complain of inadequate facilities

URUZGAN (TOLOnews): Many people who live in Uruzgan province’s Omari township complain about not having access to basic necessities.
They said the lack of medical and educational centers is one of their fundamental challenges.
According to the residents, although they live near the province’s center, the township lacks many essential amenities, and life is challenging.
“When the survey was done here, it had 68,000 inhabitants, which meets the second requirement for becoming a district,” said Saat Mohammad, a tribal elder.
“We need a road, schools, and a hospital. Because there are no cars, believe me when someone becomes ill, only a motorcycle will do, which costs 10,000 kaldars, because there is no car,” said Bashir, a resident of Uruzgan.
Some of the township’s citizens demanded that the township’s development initiatives begin.
“Projects should be started out here, roads built, and intersections built. We live in a rented house and don’t even have a place for our staff to stay,” said Saifullah, a resident of Uruzgan.
Meanwhile, local officials are talking about the implementation of development projects in this township.
“We and the leadership of the Islamic Emirate should provide these services,” said Mohammad Ali Jan, the governor of Uruzgan province.