‘Resonance of Imran’s audio leak on horse trading to increase every day’

F.P. Report
ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Friday said the third audio leak of PTI Chairman was really an affront for Imran Khan and its resonance would enhance with every day.
Imran Khan did play a serious game with national interests andsecurity with his devilish tricks to achieve ulteriormotives, she said while addressing a press conference. Lambasting the PTI chairman, she said that buying the conscienceof elected members of the parliament used to be a ‘shirk’ for Imran but now it was a ‘Sawab’ after Imran’s audio leak on horse trading.
Imran Khan was the leader of ‘Jaib Bharo’ movement and not ‘Jail Bharo Movement’, she said while referring to his claim of Jail Bharomovement. “A slave to watches, rings, a few pieces of land, diamonds and havinglust for power, had no right to take an oath of true freedom from thepeople”, she opined.
She said how ironic it was that a person who violated theconstitutional oath of the office of the Prime Minister, was taking anpledge (oath) from the people. Imran Khan after coming to power made the country an economicsubservient, destroyed the national economy and now he had agenda apparently against the nuclear Pakistan, she remarked.
She said that PTI chairman Imran Khan was lying on daily basis and trying to befool the people. The minister opined that Imran Khan thought that by lies on regular basis, would make people believe at a later stage. She said that the government team was now feeling exhausted in countering the fallacies ofImran, but he was never seemed tired. She said that in the recent past the audio of Imran Khan was leakedin which he said that the PTI leadership would play with the cipherbut would not mention the name of US.
“This audio leak was an affront for Imran Khan’s narrative ofreal freedom, which echoes every day but falls on deaf ears of Imran Khan,” the minister said. She said that Imran Khan took advantage of the people who listened tohim as he took them as just fools. He befooled the people with lies, he befooled the people by playinghis so-called tricks, she added.
“Imran Khan is a liar,hypocrite and a foreign agent who played with theeconomy of the country, deprived the people of their jobs, compromisedon Kashmir issue and foreign policy.She said Imran Khan came to power in 2018 after the failure of RTS system and played games with the development of the country, causedunprecedented inflation, chaos, intolerance and tried to destroy thesocial fabric of the society.
Marriyum said that Imran Khan distorted the image of Pakistan in the world by saying that the whole of country was corrupt. When his seat of power jolted , he sent a message to the wholeworld that the country of 220 million people was slave and subservient, she added. Castigating Imran, she said there was no iota of shame since he did not realize that these wordswould harm the national interest, security and the honour of the country in the world. “Imran has nothing to do with anyone, his lust commences with his own egoand ends with power,” she said adding that he destroyed the country’seconomy, snatched people’s jobs, made adeal on Kashmir, damaged the morality of the society, filled hispockets, committed robberies during his rule.
However she said the agenda of “the foreign agent” had yet not beenaccomplished as he had other objectives, so his agenda was incomplete so far. The minister said that his aim was to divide the country into fourparts (God forbid) and make it bankrupt financially.
The previous rulers wanted to make the country Sri Lanka, they hadalmost had reached their goal but it remained incomplete with removal of their government through democratic method of no-confidence motion, she said. More gifts and diamond rings of Tosha Khana were yet to be taken by Imranand his cronies, the country’s economy was yet to be destroyedcompletely, Marriyum said. Following loss of power by Imran Khan, his enmity with the country was fully exposed as he wanted to cling to power at all cost, she said.
She said that Imran Khan indulged in horse trading during the 2018 election, purchased loyalties inSenate elections , Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan elections and evenin his party’s elections. When Imran Khan came to know about the no-confidence motion againsthim , he said in the audio leak:, “I have bought five MNAs,” and now for Imran Khan, horse trading was no more a “shirk” but an act of “sawab”.
She reminded that it was Imran who used to say that whoever didhorse trading, committed a “shirk” and today’s audio leak was proof that“shirk” had been committed and it had beendone by Imran Khan himself. “We used to say earlier that the mastermind of all these things is Imran Khan himself and now it was proven that he is the person behindall the ugly actions of the PTI”, she said.
Imran Khan said, in the closed room that he had to play with thecipher, and outside he said that there had been a foreignconspiracy: he said in the closed room that loyalties of five MNAshad been purchased by the PTI but in public he said that horsetrading was a “shirk”. This was food for thought for those who listento Imran Khan’s speeches, she added.
She said today he claimed that they havebeen struggling for real freedom which was a big joke with the nation. The minister said that from Bushra Bibi’s audio leak with Arsalan toShaukat Tareen’s audio leak forcing the Punjab and KP financeministers not to cooperate with the federal government over IMF loanissue, from cipher to today’s horse-trading audio, there has been no denial byImran Khan. She said that according to ECP, Imran Khan used the charity funds forhis political objectives and the ECP verdict has not been challengedanywhere, nor its contradiction was issued.
Marriyum Aurangzeb said the government did not believe in politicalvictimization but will take action against the people who violated thelaw. She said the government would ensure to make powerful people likeImran Khan and his cronies, accountable over their wrong doings.
Rejecting Imran’s claim of development in PTI era, she said inflationrate of edible commodities soared from two percent to twenty percentin Imran Khan’s government. Flour price rose from Rs 35 per kg to Rs100, whereas sugar prices soared to 120. She said that edible oilprice was Rs 120 per kg when PTI came to power in 2018 but it touched Rs 540 in its tenure. Similarly, she said that tariffs of electricityand gas also skyrocketed in PTI tenure.
She said Imran Khan not only failed to create 10 million new job opportunitiesbut 5 million people lost their jobs in PTI’s four year. He failed toend corruption in 90 days but set new records of corruption in allsectors and failed to built 5 million housing units. She said that Maryam Nawaz was acquitted by IHC in Avenfield case onmerit as NAB failed to provide any link of Nawaz Sharif or Maryam withthose properties. She said Imran Khan, despite misuse of a state power, NA,FIA and otheragencies, failed to prove even a single rupee’s corruption chargesagainst Sharif family.