Rising nationalism in Swedish democracy

According to the western media, Swedish right-wing political party hopes to wrest power from the ruling Social Democrats in Sunday’s general election, relying for the first time on far-right support in the upcoming tight contest. According to details, the anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, inheritor of new Nazies and white nationalists, Sweden Democrats have long been treated as pariahs on the Scandinavian country’s political scene, but the recent opinion polls suggest they are likely to rise to become the second-biggest party in parliament and a king maker whose backing is essential for major parties to reach to the throne.

The far right sentiments, and hyernationalism has gradually taken place in the centre of mainstram western democracy which promotes protectionsim and solitary behavior instead of preaching of west’s long standing ideology of pluralism and social diversity. After France, Germany, Italy, the United States and Argentine, the nationalist elements are gaining momentum in Sweden and has become a decisive force in Swidish politics. Presently, the general election in the one of the old democracies in Europe is scheduled on September 11, while the prepolls predict some indifferent results for left wing political bloc with compare to the right wing coalition while a thin minority of far-right elements has become a force multipler in the up coming battle.

Presently, furious election campaigns of both challenging blocs are underway while a Centralize Swedish politics has changed into a far right nationlist political culture because patriotic touch has become mandetory for parties. Resultedly, parties manifestos rivolve around the issues such a cracking down on crime, curb on immigrantion, and soaring energy bills while the ideas of public wellbeing, jobs, economic reforms and social development had been placed in the backyard.

Although, the polls forecasted a small lead of ruling Prime Minister, Magdalena Anderson from social democrats but the recent integration of far-rights into the right wing bloc has caused serious challenge for social democrats. In fact, politics around the globe has no strict rule, unchangeable code or religion, it usually operates on the theory of necessity while convergence of interests creats bonds between the wolf and lamb while dacoits and assasins become friends of celebrities. Hence, the world is curious about the new trends in Swedish democracy.