Rival candidate accuses Ghani of ‘dictatorship’

KABUL (TOLO News): Presidential candidate Ibrahim Alokozai on Tuesday accused President Ashraf Ghani of “dictatorship, selfishness and egoism” in running the country’s affairs.

He said the president is continuing appointments in the government institutions as routine which is in contravention the law and the political ethics.

“He [President Ghani] is like a ‘dictator’ and a ‘selfish’ individual who commits ‘illegal actions’ but implements the law on others,” said Alokozai. “At least 270 guards were assigned to one of his deputies, but for other candidates, guards were hired from private security firms.”

Alokozai’s supporters called on Ghani to respect the demands of the candidates.

“This government was ‘illegitimate’ from the beginning. It came with the support of John Kerry,” said Fraidoon, a civil society activist in Kabul.

The Presidential Palace dismissed Alokozai’s allegations and said in a statement that all activities are carried in line with the law and the Constitution