Roadmap made for promotion of digital economy for upcoming govt: Dr. Saif

ISLAMABAD (APP): Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr. Umar Saif has said that that a roadmap has been made for the promotion of the digital economy for the upcoming government.

Addressing the Town Hall meeting arranged by IT Association (PASHA) in Karachi he said, the country could generate billions of dollars in revenue if the upcoming government continues the initiatives taken by the caretaker government in the IT sector.

He said the SIFC forum has also proven to be a great support for the upcoming elected government in the process of building and developing the country, and the elected government will also reap the benefits of the measures the by the caretaker government.

“We are confident that with the presence of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), the upcoming government will also be able to make timely decisions for the country’s development and public interests because we mustn’t compromise on our economic stability and public interests,” he said.

The minister said, “We need to avoid departmental obstacles. Instead of unnecessary delay tactics, quick and effective decisions must be taken in the interest of the country and the nation. For this purpose, SIFC is the most effective forum.”

Dr. Umar termed IT and telecom sector as a backbone of the country’s economy. He said that in the past 60 days, the policies of the IT ministry have led to a record 32% increase in IT exports. Furthermore, he mentioned that ICT export remittances have increased by US$ 64 million (8.99%) to US$ 1.455 billion during July to December 2023 of FY2023-24, compared to US$ 1.335 billion reported for the same period last year.

In December 2023, he added, ICT services export remittances surged to US$ 303 million, marking a remarkable increase of 22.67% compared to US$ 247 million in December 2022. Compared to the previous month of November 2023, ICT services export remittances increased by US$ 44 million in December 2023, representing a month-to-month increase of 16.99%.

The minister further said “We have achieved 13 out of 15 important targets for the promotion of the IT & Telecom sector in a short period of 5 months in the caretaker set-up.

Chairman of PASHA, Zohaib Khan, expressed gratitude to Dr. Umar Saif for his unwavering dedication and exemplary service to the IT sector. He lauded Dr. Saif’s initiatives, which have instilled renewed confidence within the industry and paved the way for unprecedented export growth.

Khan noted, “Dr. Umar Saif’s visionary leadership and strategic foresight continue to chart a course toward a vibrant and prosperous digital future for Pakistan.” Ayesha Morani, Additional Secretary MOITT, Nadeem Malik, General Secretary PASHA, and a representative from the IT Industry were also present at the event.