RSS claims of becoming ‘Guru’ of the world speaks of their abnormal mindset

Nagesh Chaudhari

It is often said that RSS follows Mussolini, Hit-ler. To what extend it is true? Hitler and Mu-ssolini were individuals. RSS is a collective, an or-ganisation created by a c-aste. That was not the c-ase with Hitler or Mussolni.
The basic difference between Nazism, Fascism and RSS is that RSS ideology is based on caste system and is not simply racism. RSS brand of Fascism, Nazism is having historical background unlike that of Mussolini or Hitler. And secondly, it is gaining strength in spite of it being banned by the Indian governments four times since 1948 to 1992. Now it has become the ruling ideology through the rule of BJP. RSS claims ancient background as its ideology. Whereas Mussolini and Hitler had none like that.
In this context can be seen background of Mussolini and Hitler.
Mussolini (1883-1943): It is often compared that RSS is fascist and praises Mussolini. Fascism was developed by Mussolini. He was a son of blacksmith. He joined politics and also was journalist for some time. He was Prime minister of Italy 1922-1943. He invented new ideology Fascism for the first time in Europe. The ideology was combination of nationalist and socialist views. Fascism is also described as radical authoritarian nationalism, characterised by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce. He was militaristic and racist. RSS too is of the same view. But he did not boast of the past as RSS does.
Hitler (1889-1945): Looking to the background of Hitler, he was a son of an illegitimate father in Germany. His education was up to secondary school and earned his living by painting and advertisement. Initially he was with German workers’ party.
Hitler rule temporary but Hindu nation a lasting phenomenon.
Hitler’s Nazi rule did not last beyond his life span. Aryan ruling or hegemony is more than Hitler’s racial rule. He had no ideological background as is claimed (or is having) by the RSS. Mr. Golwalkar claims that they, Aryans have the background of five thousand years. The Aryan concept is also the invention of Indian Brahmins. That way both Mussolini and Hitler do not have RSS type background. They both, Mussolini and Hitler were rulers and that way ‘state’ as per the formulation of Golwalkar, (RSS). State or head of the state, even a king is below the Brahmin as per Brahmanic ideology. Roots of Hindu or Brahmanic hegemony are ancient, as ancient as Vedic times. In Vedas formulation of society is hierarchical four Varnas.
In descending order Brahman caste at the top and below it are Kshatriya, Vaishya and at the bottom the Shudra. Nothing like this is seen or propagated by Hitler or Mussolini. Aryan superiority claim by Hitler is the only common point.
Hence, Mussolini’s or Hitler’s rules were ‘state’ and not ‘nation’ in RSS’s, Golwalkar’s formulations. This will be clear by looking to his statement that RSS is ‘Nation’ and ‘Jansangh ‘(now BJP) as ‘state’. This is seen even today. RSS treats BJP as secondary. Mohan Bhagwat, Sarsanghchalak (RSS head) is above Modi, the Prime Minister. As Brahmin, priest is above the king. This formulation is completely missing in the Mussolini or Hitler’s ideology. They had no Brahmin above them, nor did they advocate Varna or caste system like hierarchy or untouchability.
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar very aptly compared Nazi and Brahmin rules. He says. “The Nazis had indeed a great deal to learn from the Hindus. If they had adopted the technique of suppressing the masses devised by the Hindus they would have been able to crush the Jews without open cruelty and would have also exhibited themselves as humane masters.” (Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Writings and speeches, vol. 3, p.127, Govt. Of Maharshtra publication, Mumbai)
The ideology of RSS and its actions are for maintaining the supremacy of one caste not only over Indian people but over even the people from foreign countries. Their arrogant claim of becoming ‘Guru’ of the world speaks of their abnormal mindset.