Russia a re-emerging big power

Yesterday, the Russian Fleet’s press service has informed media that a Baltic Fleet detachment consisting of Stoikiy corvette, Kola intermediate sea tanker and Yakov Grebelskiy sea tug made a business call at the Syrian port of Tartus. As per the official press release, “Crews of the Baltic Fleet detachment will conduct scheduled inspections of ships and vessels and replenish fuel, water and food stocks during the business call at Tartus. The rest of crews after the long-term voyage will be organized in the port.”

This Baltic Fleet detachment sailed from its home base at Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad Region, to show up Russian Naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent region. This water region is a hub of Naval presence of International powers due to on going conflicts in the region including Syria, Lebanon and Libya. All these countries are located on the shores of Mediterranean Sea and centers of international rivalries and proxies in the region. During last several years this area witnessed Naval and military presence of NATO, Turkish, American and other countries including Israel. The Russia has a Naval base in Tartus and Khmeimim air Base in Latakia, Syria. Russia has established its strong hold in the region due to these two important military facilities. Similarly, Russia has physical presence in the Mediterranean Sea off the Libyan coasts.

Russian Navy has reinforced the Mediterranean group in its Black Sea Fleet since 2014. The purpose of this renewal of the fleet was to increase Russian Naval Clout in the Mediterranean. Russian Naval warships are equipped with its Kalibr Cruise missile having range more than 2000 km, for power projection in the whole Mediterranean.

The Russia has started its re-emergence through expansion of its influence at international level since 2012. Russia has successfully confronted US and NATO’s presence in the Syria, Libya and in the Mediterranean. It has utilized comparable less expensive measures to boost its military might as compare to its western adversaries and remained successful in Middle East and Africa. However, In Eastern Europe it remained unsuccessful due to NATO’s timely investment and preventive measures.

This the very first reason that United States had applied all its efforts to cut off the provision of financial resources to Russia. United States introduced a new law “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Acts (CAATSA) legislation HR-115-44 in July 2017. This law calls for imposition of US sanctions against counties or entities for the purpose to prevent the revenue from flowing to the Russian government, either by sale of its military hardware or any other transactions. Because, the potential financial resources will be used by Russia for expansion of its influence at international level against USA.