Russia’s deputy ambassador says OPWC is ill, disease is politicization

F.P Report

UNITED NATIONS:  Russia’s first deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky has stated that, all countries interested in the proper and effective operation of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons must work together against the organization’s politicization. He gave this statement at a meeting of the UN Security Council

He also commented that “The OPWC is seriously ill. The disease is called politicization. Those who turn a blind eye on this merely aggravate its condition.”

During the meeting Polyansky put up a question saying that “Who wishes well to the patient – a doctor who makes a diagnosis and then proceeds with a course of treatment, quite often using certain unpleasant procedures, or somebody who claims in defiance of the objective facts that the patient is absolutely healthy?”

 “Regrettably, the OPCW is unwell. Let us restore it to good health together”, he said.

While commenting on the chemical weapons, Polyansky emphasized that Russia “categorically condemns the use of chemical weapons regardless of who might be responsible for this and for this reason is interested to see the OPCW do its job right.”

He stressed that there was “growing crisis of trust towards one of once most respected international organizations, which regrettably is being turned into an instrument of political manipulations and persecution.”