Salik for minorities’ engagement to plead Kashmir case before world

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Former Federal Minister for Population Welfare and Convener World Minorities Alliance (WMA), Julius Salik, on Friday demanded the government of Pakistan to give an opportunity to the Hindu minorities of the country to plead the Kashmir case before the world for the just right to freedom of innocent Kashmiris.

Recalling his conscious shaking speech 26 years back on the floor of the National Assembly in 1996, J Salik told APP that it was better to give an opportunity to the Hindu minority representatives who could better influence the religious fanatic Hindutva leadership of India.

Commenting on the role of the Parliament, the WMA convener added that the Parliament was a supreme forum that read, made, and wrote history. “India has amicably propagated human rights issues internationally and Pakistan should also strive to make a counter-narrative to secure its position at the international forum,” he added. He underlined that Pakistan had a genuine and fact-based narrative but its presentation needed further modification to counter that of India.

“There are over 400 million Muslims in India who are part of the government and businesses but we failed to educate them on lobbying for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue,” he added.

It was, he said, a matter of innocent people, our nation, humanity, and human rights. “The issue of Kashmir is presented only as that of Muslims which is not as they are minorities in India. Pakistani Hindus should be sent to India to educate Muslims on the Kashmir issue as they accepted to live in Pakistan against the Brahmans who degraded them as lesser beings,” he added.

The elected Hindu representatives of Pakistan would educate the Hindutva regime that their violence in India against Muslims could bring repercussions for the sacred places of Hinduism in Pakistan, he said.

J Salik suggested that a peace ministry should be created to exclusively handle Kashmir Issue. Moreover, he added, Pakistan should convene an international minorities conference including Hindus from all over the world for this cause.

“In order to achieve this cause, Pakistan should appoint a Christian ambassador to the United States to educate and influence the American government, leadership of its key international organisations like the World Bank, IMF, and US congressmen. They have the capacity to help divert their perceptions of Pakistan towards a positive and progressive direction that could help to overcome its prevailing crisis,” he said. (APP)