Farooq Sattar

Sattar-led MQM-P’s intra-party elections to be held today

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Mutahida Qaumi Movement-Paksitan’s intra-party elections are underway here in Karachi which is scheduled to be held on Sunday (today).

The polling of MQM-P’s to elect the members of Rabita Committee and Central Executive Committee which was scheduled to start 1pm and it will continue until 6pm.

The rift between the MQM-P was started over the issue of party tickets for next month senate election. The two group one which was led by Farooq Sattar PIB and the other is Rabita Committee-led Bahudarabad.

The Bahadarabad faction of the party had strongly opposed Sattar’s nomination of the relative newcomer Kamran Tessori over seasoned party leaders.

Earlier on February 11, Sattar had announced the decision to dissolve the party’s Rabita Committee during a general workers’ meeting, hours after members of the coordination committee at the party’s Bahadurabad office said he was no longer the convener of the party.



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