Saudi Iran rivalry

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan accused Iran of spreading “havoc and destruction” in the Middle East in a Joint Press Conference with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov on Thursday. Saudi Foreign Minister denounced regional interventions by the Iranian regime and said it must be confronted to protect and benefit the people who live there. He said that Tehran’s proxy militias are obstructing efforts to end the war in Syria, and the Iran-backed Houthi group in Yemen is obstructing peace efforts there. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that Russia understands Saudi concerns about Iran and wants stability in the Gulf. He said that Moscow wants dialogue between Iran and Gulf states, along with confidence-building measures. 

Unfortunately, Muslim Countries splited into Groups on Political and sectarian basis. Saudi Arabia and Iran has been engaged in expanding their influence in the region including Middle East, South and Central Asia and in African Muslim Countries. Both Countries have been engaged in proxy wars through their front Organizations whether Political or militant in several regional Countries including Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Bahrain.   It is also an open secret that both Saudi Arabia and Iran was backing particular religious and militant groups inside Pakistan to build their influence in the country. Other Countries also faced similar situation. This agenda did not benefit to either party but harmed the Muslims and Islam as whole.

Presently, the Saudi Arabia with other Gulf States and Israel all have similar concerns about Iran. Besides Israel, Muslim states also afraid of Iran invasion against them. Yes, there is truth in it up to some extent due to Iran’s expansionist attitude, tiny Muslim states were compelled to seek shelter from the United States or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. United States has used its full influence to forge a block consisting Israel and its neighbor Muslim Countries against Iran in recent months. Due to this current realignment, Muslims world had suffered damage at two fronts, once the issue of Palestine went to back burner and second Iran was singled out by neighbour Muslims states.

On other hand in current scenario , if we examine the situation from Iran’s point of view, due to apprehensions from its regional allies about Iranian nuclear and conventional designs, during upcoming Nuclear negotiations with Iran, the United States will pay greater attention to Tehran’s military activities and nuclear doctrine reprisal in the recent weeks. As indicated by the recent article of Biden in CNN, it seems that New Biden administration will join the JCPOA, but with new terms and conditions to satisfy its regional allies and to tether the Tehran more swiftly.  Due to reason, the Iranian financial difficulties are not likely to end up in near future.

Differences among the Muslims countries always facilitated their adversaries to fulfill their anti-Muslim agenda in the past and same history is being repeated in the contemporary world. Pakistan always upheld the responsibility of mediation between the brotherly Muslim countries to resolve the issues between them.

Despite other differences, Yemen is a bone of contention between the two Countries, Where Iran is backing Houthi rebels and Saudi Arabia is supporting Yemeni government. The war has caused a sever human crisis in Yemen and Saudi Arabia wants to settle down the issue to end the sufferings of Yemeni people. Saudi Arabia gave positive signals to engage Iran to resolve the Yemeni issue. Same emotions have been reciprocated by the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, while saying that he is ready to visit Riyadh if suitable conditions exists. Iran wants Intra-Yemeni dialogues to crave out the solution of the dispute. However, war is a not solution to any problem. The way forward to resolve dispute is only dialogue. Therefore, for the broader benefit of both countries and the people of Yemen, cease fire should be imposed and talks should be initiated among all stakes holder to end the six years long war in the Country.