School year begins in warm climate areas

KABAUL (TOLOnews): The school year started for warmer climate provinces in Afghanistan, while schools for female students in grade 7-12 remain closed around the country.
The students said they are happy with the start of their new school year and called on the government to reopen schools for female students beyond grade 6.
The tropical areas where the educational year was started include Helmand, Kandahar, Paktia, Paktika, Khost, Nangarhar, Laghman, Nimroz and Farah province.
The provincial officials of Nimroz and Farah said that all preparations have been made for this year’s educational sector in the provinces.
“We assure all of the people that if the government doesn’t support us for even five years, we have the facilities to support our employees and address our needs,” said Yar Mohamamd Haqyar, head of the Nimroz education department.
“Around 80 percent of our problems–the shortage of books in the schools–have been resolved,” said Mohammad Mustaghfar, an official of Farah’s education department.
“Modern education is vital for the society. We have been focusing on the schools for a century now,” said Sheikh Abdul Qawi Haqqani, a member of the Farah Islamic clerics’ council.
Marwa and her brother are in the 12th grade. But the schools remain closed for female students beyond grade six, and Marwa cannot attend her school. She expressed concern over her uncertain future.
“When the bell of the school rang today and I saw that my brother can go to school but I cannot, it really made me sad and disappointed because every girl has the right to study. Why we don’t have this right?” asked Marwa, a student.
Meanwhile, the male students called on the Islamic Emirate to reopen the school for girls.
“We call on the Islamic Emirate to reopen the schools for female students beyond grade six,” said Sahil, a student.
“We call on the Islamic Emirate to reopen the schools for our sisters, for girls,” said Mohammad, a student.